Sunday, November 1, 2009

Innis & Gunn
Triple Matured Oak Aged Beer

Interesting deep red and copper color, with a slightly tanned head.

The nose is oaky with a hint of sweetness, which is all about that I can nab from the aroma.

Body is nice with a a moderate amount of carbonation on the tongue. The flavors I am getting are like a raisin taste, with a slight amount of alcohol along with the sweetness. There isn't much bitterness through the beer, but there is a little bit of bitterness at the very end. I am noticing a slight amount of oiliness feel in the beer, but it is alright.

This is another great beer from I&G very tasty, but not as complex as some of their other oak aged beers. I was hoping for some of the vanilla flavors that I have gotten from some of their other beers but alas it was not there, but I will live.

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