Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random beers

So over the last couple of days I have been trying out the Dieu du Ciel mixed pack. I am happy to say that all the beers in this pack are very tasty. Its a bit of a toss up as to which would be my favorite of the pack though, the fore runners would have to be the Blanche de Paradis, and the Rosie d'hibiscus. The Blanche is a wit that is truly amazing and so very tasty, best part is there are 4 bottles in the pack. The Rosie is nice a fruity with a peach or apricot flavor, problem is there are only 2 bottles in the pack :( . The other tow beers consist of a hemp ale and a blonde ale, both tasty in their own right but not as memorable as the other two.

So I also just got back from being out with some beers with a couple of buddies. If you are ever in Edmonton looking for a nice place to eat the OJ's downtown by 124 st is a great choice. They have a really good selection of beer on tap and the food is well prepared. Some of the other OJ's in town are ok, but not anywheres close to this location.

The plan for this week involves brewing a Wit beer tomorrow. Followed by various session involving some beer. Oooh I do plan on having the 16 year old and 30 year old Ola Dubh so I will keep you informed on how those turn out.

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