Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the Huck!

So I am just sitting down to drink a beer from the Fernie Brewing company, its called What the Huck. They list it as Huckleberry Wheat Ale. I don't ever remember having a huckleberry so I am not sure what it is supposed to taste like.

So...what can I say about this, it definitely has the wheat malt aroma, with very little hops. It almost seems a bit earthy, I wonder if that could be my damp jeans as I just got back from a walk. It also does have a little sweetness in the aroma. The color is reminiscent of ice tea, maybe a little more towards orange. Has the nice cloudiness from the wheat.

The flavor is nice clean wheat malitness with a definite berry tasty in the middle. The lingering taste is all malt, not really a touch of hops at all it seems.

Tasty beer but not anything spectacular or anything, I wouldn't advise anyone to run out and buy this. But if your looking for an easy drinking ale then go ahead and pick this one up.

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