Saturday, September 5, 2009

Howe Sound Brewing
Rail Ale Nut Brown

Dark chestnut in color, with a tight tan head on it. Fruity yet nutty aroma, with a subtle hint of alcohol.

Medium body, with a low mount of carbonation on the tongue. Coats the tongue nicely, as it goes down.

My first sip was a little smoky with a subtle hint of hops at the front. Very smooth with no alcohol bite to it. The bottle claims a licorice hints, and yes I can agree. Took me a little bit to find them but yah I can taste it now.

Very tasty beer, only problem is the bottle I bought is 1L and I have no one else to drink it with me. Oh well it is easy to drink a big bottle of beer when it tastes this good, so I think I`ll survive.

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