Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tree Brewing
Raspberry Porter

Very dark brown, with a hint of red in there. Did have a nice brown head to start with but it left quickly.

The aroma is chocolaty with a hint of raspberry, there also is a hint of sweetness. I also smell almost like a hazelnut coffee smell. Mouthfeel, is crisp with a medium/full body.

Taste is very yummy, raspberry is right at the front but the dark malt comes through very nicely. Very well balanced with no residual sweetness, or over powering bitterness.

I like this beer it is very nice to drink, not heavy at all, and very tasty. Maybe not suited for someone who isn't into darker beer, or beers with flavor (lol). But then again people who are reading this blog are more interested in tasting good beer, so I say give this one a try if you can find it. Too bad it is a limited edition.

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