Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Framboise Lambic

Beautiful dark red color, with a nice lacey head. The aroma is tons of raspberry, with a hint of sourness. Smells like you are out in the raspberry patch. Hmm apparently the wife likes it lol.

Again a medium body with a medium carbonation, nice mouthfeel to it. The first thing to hit you is the sweetness, with a twinge of sourness thrown in there. At the end once the raspberry and sourness has left, you get a nice taste of the malt, which I really enjoy cause it validates the beer

This is a nice beer, but for me it is a little too sweet. It does still have the lambic sourness which is nice to see. The wife really likes this one, in fact she is asking me where I got it. LOL I guess I found something I can get for here next time I hit the beer store.

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